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Partner With Tax

We generate our revenue by recommending related services to our customers. Currently we are targeting accountants, pensions advisors, startups and contractors.

We are currently seeking business partners who have well established relationships with our target clients in Ireland. We are interested in working with people and businesses who have the same target client as ourselves but who we are not in competition with. We are seeking to partner with people and organisations such as company formation offices, recruitment agencies and others who deal with our target clients.

For accountants we create a profile page with two video reviews from their clients. We also create a badge for their website and an email signature. When our customers calculate their tax liability we recommend local accountants. We will also be creating an accounting quote form which will be sent to local accountants. The number of accountants on is limited by region.

If you are interested in partnering with Tax please use the contact form below

Our Target Clients

Pension Advisors
Contractors & Self-Employed
Potential Startups