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Revenue provides an expense allowance which you can claim without the need of receipts for certain occupations listed below.

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In this section of our website we'll be posting our opinions on the latest news affecting your business. We'd also like to introduce you to new products and services that can help you run your business better. Focusing on increasing revenue or reducing costs.


We have put together several case studies to provide examples of those who were able to get a tax refund. We have also put together concise articles providing useful tax information, including the most common tax savings often missed.


We are currently looking for trustworthy Dublin accountants that we can recommend to our customers. As well as providing tax information we are planning on providing quotes for accounting services.


We will be writing a number of articles to help you get your business started. We will focus on a broad range of topics not just tax and accounting. Have questions or an idea for a topic? Let is know by emailing us at